Monday, September 12, 2005

ek hasina thi

movie review: saw ek hasina thi last night. definitely not your typical bollywood song and dance film. read a great review of it here. i was all set to write about the film, then i read this - it captures 95% of what i was going to say. i also agree w/ the 3 star rating, as well as the assessment of the strong first half vs. more formulaic, though still engaging, second half.

what else, we just got back from watching the sunset over puget sound at the park. our neighborhood converges at this one lovely point anytime the sunset looks promising. this evening was no exception. also learned a new trick w/ my son - normally, we play helicopter, and i swirl him around and round by holding onto his hands while he stares at the ground. today, we flipped him on his back, and i held his ankles while he could gaze up at the sky. minor change, certainly a bit less safe, but he was dizzy and giddy and clearly preferred our new found form.


mandyjones83923247 said...

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neetu khara said...

I had the DVD of 'Ek Hasina Thi' lying in the house for a few days.I got up at 3:00 am in the morning as my brother had to catch a flight to San Fransico that day. After he left for the airport me and mom felt too 'awake' to go to sleep so we put on the movie at 3:30 am!!

We thought of watching for a while,till we go to sleep again....
But the movie was gripping enough to actually give us a, 'sleepless in Seattle' night.
we ended up watching the whole movie and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Ram Gopal verma has a very gripping style of narrative.
I would recommend 'My Wife's Murder' which is his latest release.

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