Sunday, January 15, 2006

maya speaks

yesterday i went up to the mountain to do some snowboarding. its been dumping snow all week, but alas, it wasn't the fresh day i was hoping for. a few inches of new on top of some very wet heavy sloppy stuff. my sister and i did have a good time though. we managed a nice little hike at the top of stevens to get in a few decent uncut turns.

its amazing how utterly unmotivated i am to snowboard these days. it used to be such a huge part of my winter. after working all week, i really look forward to having unfettered time to just laze around the house w/ the kids. its dumping rain these days. i have atleast 4 points where water is seeping in to the studio. its a bit frightening, given that its the building's first winter, but fortunately, most of the leaks are relatively easy to resolve. my memories of winter as a child are so much brighter; i think it was all the days i spent at the mountain - snow brightens up your view. these dark gray days just seem to go on and on. i can't really complain, given that we missed most of winter this year.

i had a fun dream last night. i dreamt maya, our dog, could suddenly speak. unfortunately it was polish, so i couldn't understand her. i ran out the door trying to find someone who understood polish. by the time i got to the car, i forgot what language she was speaking, so i ran back inside to double check. and, of course, it was too late - she was back to dooberese.

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