Tuesday, September 19, 2006

InFact Book Search - Search, explore and download free ebooks online

Search, Tech - We just made public a demonstration book search site. You can have a look at: books.infact.com. I'd love to get any feedback from you all. Here's a blurb from our FAQ:

InFact® Book Search is a publicly available demonstration of searchable, free ebooks powered by the InFact vertical search infrastructure. InFact Book Search includes an automatically generated book index, similar to that found in a standard physical book, which allows you to quickly navigate directly to everywhere a character, place, organization, or other term occurs in the book. In addition, InFact, offers tips for any term you search for. For example, if you search for Robin Hood, you will see tips which include other characters Robin Hood interacts with. If you click on Little John, you will be led to all the merry adventures Robin Hood and Little John shared together. In addition, InFact Book Search allows you to quickly find out about things you encounter in a book. For example, if you run across the Sherwood Forest, but are not sure where it is, you can follow the information link for an explanation.


Daniel said...

Very nicely done. Glad to see one of us is working on something of general value to the world! :^)

I'll take a lot around. Are you interested in feedback about the interface or the results of the searches?

deep said...

Anything and everything really. From the interface standpoint, I'm interested to hear your impressions. Were you able to find what you were looking for? Did you find the mouse over information links helpful in navigating content? What about the infact index of terms? Does this type of navigation work etc. On the search side - Do you find the tips on the right hand side helpful? Rankings - both within book, and across books.

Daniel said...

So far I like what I see. Its snappy - and has a sharp 2.0 look. I'll take more time and get back to you with specifics.

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