Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Nayan

I remember mountain biking at Tiger Mountain with my wife. It was a warm, sunny, midsummer day -- the day after a crisp rain. We had just started our ride, and uncharacteristically, Ameen said she didn't feel like riding that day. I smiled, nodded, and cruised off into the woods with Maya (our chocolate lab).

A couple days later, with my dear wife grinning and watching, I opened a little card informing me that one of the 3 greatest joys in my life (my wife and daughter being the others) was to be born in a mere 6 months.

My amazing son is 5 today. 5 years ago I was holding a tiny little baby and so amazed by the miracle of life God gifted me. The moment I first held Nayan, I assumed my son would stay tiny and in my arms forever. Well now my jaan is tough and tall; I struggle to haul him up to his bed when he's fallen asleep in the car. Nayan is strong willed, articulate, creative (like his mother), loving, intellectually curious, a great listener (when it matters), and an all around energetic ball of joy. Needless to say, I am the proudest father in the world today.


metalhead said...

This article is very poignant as I read it just after reading the Soldier's story. The amount of joy in our existence seems to be counterbalanced by an equal amount of pain and sorrow, yet some are more lucky than others. Is it just luck or does God favour some over others?
I must say overall I consider myself lucky, but I realise nothing is guaranteed in life and tragedy can always come at any second.

Anoop said...

Happy Birthday to your son! And keep up the great writing. This blog is at the top of my RSS list.

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