Sunday, December 10, 2006

Big Investments in Biodiesel

The Seattle Times is running an interesting article called Can Biodiesel Compete on Price about Imperium Renewables, a bio-diesel startup. What's interesting to me in the article, are the many references to big $ being invested in the alternative fuels market, both in the form of start up dollars, and big agri-business dollars. It seems gas prices are really starting to have a positive impact. Here's a snippet from the article:

What no one has demonstrated yet is whether biodiesel, as a business, can compete on the key factor for many consumers — price.

Imperium Renewables, a Seattle-based startup, has been obsessing over a business model it believes can beat regular diesel at the pump. The company says biodiesel can win at what it calls the "triple bottom line" of environmental, political and economic benefits.

The strategy relies on economies of scale. Imperium is building the nation's largest biodiesel refinery at the Port of Grays Harbor on the Washington coast, capable of supplying 100 million gallons a year — one-tenth of all the diesel burned in the state.

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