Thursday, May 07, 2009

Semantic Web Meetup @ Evri HQ a Hoot

Thanks all for a terrific first Seattle Semantically Webbed meetup. Great food, drinks, and a chance to find out more about all things semantic. Special thanks to Alex Iskold and the rest of the AdaptiveBlue gang for coming out and giving a great presentation on GetGlue.

It's sometimes just amazing to me to experience the evolution of socialization and interactivity on the web. GetGlue reminds me of a project I started back in 1995 back when I was a researcher at GTE Laboratories. We built a system that fostered serendipitous communication between users based on websites users were visiting (all in a 3D browser based SGI built VRML world). Well VRML and SGI are basically dead, the web never did go totally 3D as we dreamed, and our project died, but it turns out we were onto something; the idea of socialization and serendipitous encounters based on browsing context lives on. GetGlue takes it to a new level adding a prime use case around product reviews that sort of inverts the closed Facebook social network phenomenon. Check it out and semantically webify yourself if you haven't already.

1 comment:

Alex Iskold said...

Thanks for having us over! It was a blast. Looking forward to exploring your API.

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