Saturday, May 08, 2010

Salesmanship: No MBA Required

"Oh sahib, you're such a budda sahib, please help an old man. Here, hold him, hold him, he'll give you good luck sahib. Oh chota sahib, yes, he likes you, here take him, yes bring the camera mehim sahib, yes please shoot, yes take the picture, oh budda sahib, why are you backing away, chota sahib is not afraid, he is a brave sahib, yes mehim sahib, take the picture, go on take it, yes take more, go on, yes, good, it is a good picture. Oh bless my sahib, you're such a budda sahib, praise be to God, may he bless you day after day after day."


Dennis Nicks said...


I have a great shot of my son with a snake around his neck. He wasn't yet 4 - but was very excited to "wear a snake".

Deep said...

Great to hear! We've got "The Reptile Man" back in Seattle that shows up at birthday parties and lets the littluns wear pythons and all sorts of critters. He's only got one eye, apparently some lizard creature thwapped him once.

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