Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Typical Day in Preixan

Wake up in a cozy log cabin at Sidsmums, meander into the kitchen, brew some coffee, eat some breakfast, remember what time it is, and most importantly, give George, our fearless protector, a scratch on the way out.

Realize we are late for the bus. Very late. Then run, run, run.

Past the beautiful house with the colored pots.

To the bus stop. Then wait. Wait. And wait some more.

Later, find something spectacular to look at, like a 13th century castle.

Then, while meandering through narrow ancient alleyways, notice something, anything, perhaps even a bottle of olive oil resting on a shelf, and remember... that lunch is required.

Stroll to the nearest market and get distracted by color. Lots of color.

Then pick up a baguette, some brie, some olives, and even, some anchovies... and walk. And walk. Until a place appears.

Like along the river. Cool down. Swim. Lie. Read. Chat.

Then, finally, as the sun sets, stroll back to Sidsmums, and share stories of the day with fellow travelers.

1 comment:

Idawg said...

OMG! I am in a coffee shop dying of laughter. That is a hilarious story. I can't believe you didn't help him get a stamp fical! How rude, lol...

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