Thursday, June 09, 2016

Pickup Sticks

Taking a break after analyzing a ton of data to play a beardo version of pickup sticks with our office cutie Aaiza. Aaiza's one of the many fleeing the absolute mayhem in Syria. It's a bit surreal doing my normal data geek thing, cranking on my laptop or strategizing at a whiteboard, then wandering down for a break alternating between stories of human hope and utterly macabre firsthand tales. Unlike the web, or a movie, I can't just shut it off; it feels like people need me to hear their stories. Many of them, the men especially, talk to me like I'm the US Secretary of State and can actually do something to stop the war. It's easy to feel small, but then I realize that just a hundred bucks pays for Aaiza and other kids like her to go to school for a year. Apologies for sounding like an infomercial, but think about it, even 5$ a month is

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