Monday, February 27, 2006

nostalgia realized

life: for much of my childhood summers, i'd toss wood in and out of pickup trucks, haul it around in a wheel barrow, chop it up w/ an axe, and stack it till my arms were sore. in the winter i'd come home from a long day skiing at the mountain, stoke up the fire, and hang my wet gear up to dry before the next day of mountain fun. i'd laze hours away half asleep by the fire, occassionally waking to finish some homework, or just poke the fire around. of course none of this mattered to me at the time - mostly the chopping and hauling were simply a pain. well i've spent the majority of the past 15 years since i left home woodstove-less, with the exception of some time spent at camp cody in bellingham, and for some odd reason, have longed to get my own stove. so, today was just a thrill. we installed a classic norwegian j√łtul stove into the studio. after futsing the past couple months in repeated failed attempts to get our fancy pants radiant floor heat system to work, it was lovely harnessing simple medieval technology -- throw wood in, light match, enjoy heat. well now winters in the northwest can once again feel fine - douglas firs swaying under heavy wind, endless dark, rainy nights, and now, the cozy fire to make it all right.

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