Thursday, February 09, 2006

rumbles in rumble valley

life: i had a truly epic day at the mountain sunday. went up to camp cody on saturday night. spent the evening cozzying up to the woodstove with some good friends, wine, and laughter. then timothy, daniel and i went up to mt baker for a just stunning day. waist high powder all over the mountain. first tracks most of the day. its tough to pick the best run. dropping gun tower back into rumble valley was just delicious -- uncut, 27-degree-utterly-abnormal-for-the-cascades-light powder. first run out on the elbow was a hoot as well. for lunch we did a little relaxing out in the sun w/ a nice large sapporo and some tasty sweet potato fries. here are some nice pictures from the day on baker's site. all in all, a once in a few years day like this makes me, for atleast a few moments, want to return to the days where snowboarding was all i thought about.

1 comment:

metalhead said...

mmmmm... rice beer!

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