Wednesday, March 22, 2006

desert reflection

here's a poem i wrote about four years ago recently after the birth of my first child. i remember i had just gotten an old manual typewriter and was working on a painting based on a photo from a trip i took a few years before to visit some friends in jordan. i was clanking away on the typewriter, something i do when i can't concentrate on painting.

painting in my studio,
rachid taha takes me
back, to
another day,
no rain, just a slow
dry heat.

earth tones fill my
pallette. yellow ochre
paints petra in june.

sitting at a table well
recessed from the black
tar street, bowls
of zatar and oil.

a town built by the
king -- waiting for the
tourists of tomorrow.

it's just some locals from
amman, and their
american friend posing
as a long lost cousin
from yemen to
save some dinars.

1 comment:

metalhead said...

Rain raining rainy day

in Seattle

surfing on the,

internet I click on,

my favourites- chalo

bolo. CB.

Let's talk: nous

parlons , we talk

talking talked

about the

plight of Palestinian

goat herders or painting

Painting paint

painted, I paint.

no new articles today,

my life is empty.

Periods of void stitched

together by articles

from C.B.

a squirrel runs by,

whither I wonder?

i paint


it rains

i paint rain

when we dont talk

we make war. let's

talk nous parlons

chalo bolo

Rain raining rainy day

in Seattle

chalo bolo

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