Friday, March 31, 2006

Rain raining rainy day

poetry: well it seems my most dedicated, and perhaps only, reader is in need of a blog post. so misseur metalhead, what can i say? how about a nice boring post. i just got done eating lunch. my company brings in lunch for us on the last friday of each month. so, i had a little focacia sandwhich, and now am gazing out the window observing a truly lovely, though abnormal, midday sun shining brightly over the boats on lake union. in fact, its so sunny, that i couldn't possibly write a poem about rain. but it seems i don't need to, since mr. metalhead has written a lovely one that i'd like to share here:

metalhead said...

Rain raining rainy day
in Seattle
surfing on the,
internet I click on,
my favourites- chalo
bolo. CB.
Let's talk: nous
parlons , we talk
talking talked
about the
plight of Palestinian
goat herders or painting
Painting paint
painted, I paint.
no new articles today,
my life is empty.
Periods of void stitched
together by articles
from C.B.
a squirrel runs by,
whither I wonder?
i paint
it rains
i paint rain
when we dont talk
we make war. let's
talk nous parlons
chalo bolo
Rain raining rainy day
in Seattle
chalo bolo

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