Tuesday, January 09, 2007

My New Book: Natural Language Processing and Text Mining

Well its not actually my book, but I did co-author the chapter titled: A Case Study in Natural Language Based Web Search. Nonetheless, I am pretty excited. I just got a hard copy and its pretty swank looking. I'm excited to read what other technologists in the field have been up to. For you fellow NLP, search, and text mining folks, you can buy a copy HERE. And here is a snippet from the back cover:

With the increasing importance of the Web and other text-heavy application areas, the demands for and interest in both text mining and natural language processing (NLP) have been rising. Researchers in text mining have hoped that NLP—the attempt to extract a fuller meaning representation from free text—can provide useful improvements to text mining applications of all kinds.

Bringing together a variety of perspectives from internationally renowned researchers, Natural Language Processing and Text Mining not only discusses applications of certain NLP techniques to certain Text Mining tasks, but also the converse, i.e., use of Text Mining to facilitate NLP. It explores a variety of real-world applications of NLP and text-mining algorithms in comprehensive detail, placing emphasis on the description of end-to-end solutions to real problems, and detailing the associated difficulties that must be resolved before the algorithm can be applied and its full benefits realized. In addition, it explores a number of cutting-edge techniques and approaches, as well as novel ways of integrating various technologies. Nevertheless, even readers with only a basic knowledge of data mining or text mining will benefit from the many illustrative examples and solutions.

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