Friday, February 02, 2007

Goodness Gracious Me: Bhangra Man Comes to America

Courtesy of Youtube, Goodness Gracious Me episodes have made it to the web. My wife and I have been searching for these ever since we saw a bunch of episodes on an Asiana flight on route to Delhi. Basically, GGM is like an Indian In Living Color put on by the BBC. Hopefully I'm wrong, but my guess is Google has yet to find out these are copyrighted material, so enjoy them while you can. While much of the humor requires a desi vantage, much still makes it through, at least I think. Here are some fun episodes if you are web video enabled:

Bharat Homes
Chunky Lafunga
Indian wedding

and my personal favorite: Bhangra Man

1 comment:

metalhead said...

Thanks for the links. I really like chunky :)

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