Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Camp Cody Reunion Tour

Nayan, Maya and I had a blast camping out in the tree house and sauna up at Camp Cody this weekend. The weather was a bit schizophrenic, but we still had much fun. Uncle Timothy now has a row boat that Nayan was able to row in at the Camp Cody pond. Since the water was freezing, he was a little tentative about following papa on his morning dives in, but the row boat was perfect. We also got some great mountain biking in. Nayan had a blast on the wide interurban trail, but got a little spooked on the single track. I think next year will be a big turning point as far as father son mountain biking goes.

Other CC updates: with the arrival of the pond, has come some very loud frogs. All night long the endless "ributting" had all three of us, the dog included, combing through the night to figure out where the culprit was hiding. It turns out there are many many frogs. Alas, we fell asleep.

Some juggler friends of Islando were performing at the Bellingham Juggler's Festival. The opening act was just terrific. It was mad Bruce Lee style action fighting, followed by slow motion facial contortions, followed by more fighting, and then, what else, lots of juggling! What could be a better combo then Kung fu and juggling for a 5 year old?

No Nayan hasn't gotten a haircut, this photo is from last year. It was a bit rain-i-er this trip.

Here's a view of the sauna from the tree house. We placed one of the trapeze mats (our friends Islando and Uquoia run their own circus and practice under the tree house) on the benches inside and "camped." We slept with the door open, so Maya was off running frog searching sniffing missions all night. It wasn't the deepest sleep I've had, but pleasant nonetheless.

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