Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Lotion: Hair Gel Revisited

In my early morning haze, I have been known to do some odd things. My wife, on occasion, cracks up seeing the milk on top of the refrigerator, and a box of cereal inside. I've even shown up to work with my shirt inside out (usually happens because I turn my shirt inside out when I paint, and sometimes forget to switch it back). Today, my absentmindedness has reached a new extreme. After getting out of the shower, and finishing my shave, I often put lotion on my face. Well today I was helping Nayan, my son, get ready at the same time. I looked in the mirror, and realized all the lotion in my hand was now being rubbed into my hair. Proof, I suppose, that multi-tasking, at least when I'm doing the tasking, is overrated.

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