Friday, August 12, 2005

another day. its evening. just watered the new grass and plopped the child in front of elmo. i find elmo rather annoying, but these days, its all about cutting a deal with my son to get him to go to bed, wake up, whatever. i spend all day at work herding techy cats, then i get home and its just 1 really wily one. today was a stunning day. nice and sunny. went for a lovely walk at lunch down along the harbor and across into town.

went out for a beer last night w/ a friend. had a heated discussion about religion. drank some lovely black and tans. at the people's pub, funny to see a guy walking by w/ a red shirt saying CCCP on the front, and a hammer / sickle on the back. i blinked to verify that this wasn't a dream, and it wasn't 1988. reds are so rare these days. a chinese friend of mine was telling me about his childhood. his family was black listed by the commy party because his grandfather was part owner in a business prior to the mao revolution. this meant both his parents were banned from getting 'food credits' which were apparently the only way to get food. growing up, each member of his family had a 1/4 lb allotment of meat per month. they had to ration even further to cover his grandparents. the black list followed his parents and down to him. apparently after 2 generations the descendents were freed. was interesting to hear how crazy things actually were. growing your own food was forbidden, and resulted in a prison sentence. despite the ridiculousness, i was surprised to learn that a black market did not arise.

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