Sunday, August 14, 2005

sunny sunday

yet another perfect day. global warming is treating us well in the normally soggy northwest. in a few more years we'll have completed the swap w/ LA for its weather pattern. spent a few hours in the morning riding bikes w/ my son jas. he's 3 and a half, but getting pretty good on his bike. most importantly, he wants to ride. we were racing around the local school's playground. i think dad's of this generation are so lucky. previous generations across cultures and throughout millenia, fathers were stuck adhering to a serious image -- one who'd long since left the childhood freedoms of meandering and tinkering and fantasy. modern american fathers can jump and play and be goofy; we can experience childhood through our kids eyes anew. i showed jas how to jump off stairs and ride on concrete walls. he was thrilled that papa could pull of such daring feats and vowed when he is "big and tall" he'll be flying far. one of the greatest things of fatherhood is having such an uncoditionally wide eyed audience. i'm hardly the hero of anyone else's day.

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