Thursday, August 11, 2005

staring out the window

yet another day in corporate-land. spent a good portion of the day staring out my window at a group of guys scuba diving. its a little marina in the middle of the city. they rent out yachts. been wondering what the heck they're scuba diving for. read a little more about the 1984 mass killings in delhi. certain things about india truly dumbfound me. how on earth could 3000+ people be murdered without somone being held accountable? as much as i love india, this really makes me nauseous. here's more than enough news on the subject.

also, why on earth is it 'a start' when some guy who supposedly orchestrated these mass killings simply steps down from office 20+ years after the fact. i mean really, how on earth can the media call this anything other than ridiculous. there were thousands of witnesses. people need to be in prison, not simply out of work. my feeling is the opening up of india's economy is possibly the only thing that has a shot at altering this age old acceptance of innocent deaths. when the risk of mass capital flight faces the leaders, perhaps they'll pay more attention. but then again, i've been saying that since before the gujarat riots.

also, perhaps someone should start a website outlining in detail who was involved and how. people could submit evidence online. perhaps this would atleast serve the purpose of publically shaming them.

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