Wednesday, August 10, 2005


just starting this blog. not sure what to write.
standing here typing into an old junky lap top while
listening to diam by baby toure. a great african
singer i just stumbled across. some woman down the
street is a critic for some great labels including
realworld (peter gabriel's label for world musicians).
she has periodic garage sales charging a buck a CD.
quite a score. what else, the dog makes a lot of noise
licking herself. we just put in a new yard in the
back, so we're training her to make her deposits in
one little corner. this is starting to work, after a
prolonged period of protest. looks like we may finally
get some rain. its been many days w/o. not bad - i
love the heat we've enjoyed, but the rain feels more real.

1 comment:

Aziza Rai said...

I love that label. That's the same label that first discovered Nasrat Fateh Ali Khan that kicked off mass interest in "world" music. Anyway, good luck w/ the new blog!

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